Indian Head Massage Diploma
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Indian Head Massage Diploma

This special form of massage works on the energy charkas and is a wonderful way of relieving stress and its effects on the systems of the body. Modern demands on us each day can cause weakness in the nerves and disrupt circulation causing tension and headaches. The best and easiest way to relieve these problems is with an Indian Head Massage. It offers many benefits, vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen and vital energy. This massage concentrates on the areas most vulnerable to tension (the scalp, face, upper back and shoulders) This course is about assessing clients, preparing for and delivering Indian Head Massage techniques in a safe, effective and hygienic manner.

Course content
Health & safety / Hygiene and sterilisation
Professional ethics
Skin diseases and disorders / Contra-indications
Related anatomy and physiology
The history and development of Indian Head Massage
Benefits and the effects
Preparation of client including consultation and record keeping
Materials, equipment and products
Oils used for Indian Head Massage
Practical tuition of an Indian Head Massage treatment
Client after-care

Entry Requirement -
Students must hold an Anatomy & Physiology qualification or
Body Massage qualification

Otherwise home study is required prior to the course, ask for details.

Course duration -
1 Day.

Examination System -
Continual assessments takes place during the day. On completion of the course a final practical and written test is completed to assess knowledge gained during the course.

Course Fees -
150 including training workbook. (check for Special Offers - click here)

Qualification attained -
Athena Beauty Spa Diploma.

Professional insurance -
After successful completion of the course you will be awarded an Athena Beauty Spa Diploma. You will have the opportunity to join the industries associations that provide newsletters, insurance and other benefits to members. All Athena Beauty Spa Training courses are FULLY ACCREDITED, validated and recognised by Towergate Health & Beauty Insurance. See Professional Insurance for further details.


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