Ayurvedic Body Massage Diploma
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Balinese Massage Diploma

A Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches and acupressure to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and qi (energy) around the body, bringing deep relaxation and wellbeing.

It is an oil-based, predominantly using a style of deep tissue massage, performed on a soft mat, floor or table using aromatherapy oils. The massage uses deep tissue movements and gentle strokes, combined with long kneading strokes, cross-fibre mobilisation, acupressure and stretching. It is a combination of different techniques that the Balinese have adapted and created their own unique style. This massage is not a delicate one; you can feel it deep in your muscles. The result is the release of tense muscles, leading to relief of stress, improvement of circulation and promotion of harmony on all levels.

Traditional Balinese massage stimulates the flow of blood, oxygen and 'qi' (energy) around your body, bringing deep relaxation and wellness. Throughout the massage aromatherapy oils are used to soothe, help relieve muscular tension, and balance subtle energies for a heightened sense of well being. Also deep pressure manipulation with medium-depth strokes and pressure points is used to reach below the superficial muscle layers. This massage is rigorous and lavish, that aims to bring the body and mind in full synchronization of optimal health, well being, tranquillity and spiritual renewal. The Balinese massage also can be combined with other treatments like body scrubs & body wraps for completed indulgence.

Course content -
• Health & safety
• Professional ethics
• Hygiene and sterilisation
• Skin diseases and disorders
• Contra-indications
• History of ‘Balinese Body Massage’
• Chakras/marma points/meridian lines theory
• Benefits & effects of ‘Balinese Body Massage’
• Preparation of client including consultation & record keeping
• Materials, equipment & products
• Practical tuition of ‘Balinese Body massage’
• Client contra-actions / after-care

Entry Requirement -
Body massage qualification.

Course duration -
1 Day.

Examination System -
Continual assessments takes place during the day. On completion of the course a final practical and written test is completed to assess knowledge gained during the course.

Course Fees -
150 including training workbook. (check for Special Offers)

Qualification attained -
Athena Beauty Spa Diploma.

Professional insurance -
After successful completion of the course you will be awarded an Athena Beauty Spa Diploma. You will have the opportunity to join the industries associations that provide newsletters, insurance and other benefits to members. All Athena Beauty Spa Training courses are FULLY ACCREDITED, validated and recognised by Towergate Health & Beauty Insurance. See Professional Insurance for further details.


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