Oriental Facial Diploma


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Oriental Facial Diploma

(Accredited Athena Beauty Spa Training Course)

This treatment is a blend of Japanese and Indian facial massage and energy techniques which combine to provide a natural face lifting effect. The results speak for themselves. Skin suppleness is improved, muscle tension in the face and jaw is released, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced… the list goes on. The lymphatic and circulatory benefits of toxin removal and cell nutrition promote a fresh, youthful appearance, improve mental and physical relaxation and simply make you feel amazing!

Course content
• Relaxation and grounding
• Skin toning and flexibility
• Facial muscles
• Nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems
• Balancing the whole body’s energy systems
• Facial meridians and acupressure points
• Rejuvenating Natural Face Lifting manipulation techniques
• Contraindications
• Health and hygiene
• Consultation and record-keeping
• Homecare advice
• Anatomy and physiology of the face, neck and skull

Entry Requirement –
Students must hold a massage qualification.

Course duration –
1 Day.

Examination System –
Continual assessment takes place during the course. On completion of the course a final practical and written test is completed to assess knowledge gained during the course.

Course Fees –
£150 including training workbook.

Qualification attained –
Athena Beauty Spa Diploma.

Professional insurance –
After successful completion of the course you will be awarded an Athena Beauty Spa Diploma. You will have the opportunity to join the industries associations that provide newsletters, insurance and other benefits to members. All Athena Beauty Spa Training courses are FULLY ACCREDITED, validated and recognised by Towergate Health & Beauty Insurance.