Aromatherapy Diploma


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Aromatherapy Diploma

(Accredited Athena Beauty Spa Training Course)

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and absolutes within holistic treatments to improve the physical, emotional and mental well-being of a person. Aromatherapy can be administered in a variety of ways including massage, inhalation, compresses and topical application.

Course content
By the end of the course you will have a knowledge and understanding of the
• Background to Aromatherapy
• Consultation, planning and review of treatments
• Essential Oils and Absolutes
• The blending of essential oils and absolutes
• Testing essential oils, absolutes and blends
• Aromatherapy massage
• Anatomy & Physiology

Entry Requirement –
Students must hold a Body Massage certificate (including A&P)

Course duration –
3 Days.

Examination System –
Continual assessment takes place during the course. On completion of the course a final practical and written test is completed to assess knowledge gained during the course. Case studies are required to be submitted within 3 months of the course being taken.

Course Fees –
£450 including training workbook.
Aromatherapy kits choose one of the following:- Basic £35.00 / Practitioner £85.00 or Premium £125.00

Qualification attained –
Athena Beauty Spa Diploma.

Professional insurance –
After successful completion of the course you will be awarded an Athena Beauty Spa Diploma. You will have the opportunity to join the industries associations that provide newsletters, insurance and other benefits to members. All Athena Beauty Spa Training courses are FULLY ACCREDITED, validated and recognised by Towergate Health & Beauty Insurance.